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Natural Ways of Managing PCOS

Jane 30sFemale
What are the ways of managing PCOS naturally?

10 Feb 2023


Answer from the Doctor
LUMIROUS Team and Fertility Coaches
3 Tips on How to Manage PCOS Naturally

Tip 1: Cut down on your carbohydrate intake.
Most women with PCOS are insulin resistant. It is a condition which the body can't use the insulin in the body effectively. Cutting down the carbohydrate intake will help get the insulin resistance under control.

Tip 2: Exercise regularly.
Always make sure you exercise regularly as it will help to get the insulin resistance under control. The recommended form of exercises for women with PCOS are brisk walking, swimming, jogging.

Tip 3: Consider taking supplement such as myoinositol.
Myoinositol is very effective in getting the insulin resistance under control, which will help to manage the PCOS symptoms effectively.

10 Feb 2023

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