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2 questions answered
What is AMH
Su Anne30sFemale
I often heard the word AMH but I don't really understand so what is AMH's role in assessing female fertility, and how is it measured? Can you clarify?...
Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH) is a protein hormone that is produced by the cells surrounding a woman's ovarian follicles. It plays an important role in regulating the development and maturation of these follicles. In recent years, AMH has emerged as a useful to...

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LUMIROUS Team and Fertility Coaches
04 Apr 2023
Hi doctor. If im having low AMH but im allergic to COQ10 & DHEA (having worsen pimples if take it) , which supplement should i take as the replacement?
Before jumping into supplements, it's best to find out what are the causes of low AMH. Other than age, nutrient deficiencies and environmental factors can affect AMH levels. It's best to get blood test on your iron profile and vitamin D levels, then only suppl...

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LUMIROUS Team and Fertility Coaches
13 Jan 2023
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