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Trying To Conceive (TTC)
2 questions answered
Food for TTC
What should I eat when I want to eat something as I am preparing to get pregnant soon?
Good nutrition plays a vital role in fertility. If you're struggling to conceive or undergoing IVF, making dietary changes can be beneficial. Incorporate Omega-3 fatty acids by consuming sources like salmon, trout, sardines, or tuna. Stay hydrated with water a...

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LUMIROUS Team and Fertility Coaches
08 Jun 2023
Intercourse during ovulation.
Is it important to have intercourse during, before or after ovulation ?
Ovulation day is quite important when we get a lot of the latest technology itself. If you use ovulation kits, you can prepare on ovulation day. But remember it only lasts for 24 hours. So if you know your ovulation is about to start, you may get prepared f...

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LUMIROUS Team and Fertility Coaches
12 May 2023
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