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Exploring IVF Treatment in Malaysia: Procedure, Cost & Benefits

What is IVF?

IVF treatment is probably the most widely known treatment for infertility and is usually referred to as “test-tube baby”. This treatment is as it sounds, the procedure starts by collecting samples of eggs and sperm. The egg will then be fertilized by the sperm in the test tube under laboratory conditions. The fertilized egg (embryo) will then be transferred to the uterus.


Why IVF?

Despite IVF's reputation as the most commonly used assisted reproductive technology (ART), patients are less likely to be suggested this treatment before trying for less invasive fertility treatments. IVF will only become the primary treatment when the woman is over 40 with fertility problems or for patients with certain health conditions such as cancer or reproductive organ problems and patients with genetic disorder problems.


Treatment Timeframe

The entire procedure can be completed within three weeks or more. Similarly, the patients are advised to take the pregnancy test two weeks after the last step of the procedure is completed.



IVF treatments involve several procedures which are done within one ovulation cycle. The procedures in order of operations are as follows:

  1. Ovarian stimulation
  2. Egg(s) retrieval
  3. Sperm retrieval
  4. Fertilization of the egg(s) by sperm in the test tube
  5. Embryo transfers into the uterus


Cost of Treatment

The cost of IVF treatment in Malaysia is RM15,500 and can go higher than RM 50,000. This treatment is known to be costly due to the usage of hormone medication, multiple laboratory sessions, and the inclusion of extra procedures such as ICSI.

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