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Fertility Financial Aid: EPF Withdrawal


It’s common for couples to get cold feet after learning about the fees of an IUI, IVF or ICSI treatment. That being said, we have good news for couples! The Malaysian Government has recently announced that fertility treatments are a valid reason to withdraw from your EPF. Let us walk you through the process.

Who is eligible to apply for it?


  • The EPF withdrawal method is eligible for both Malaysian and non-Malaysian EPF members who are under the age of 55
  • The amount for fertility treatments can only be withdrawn from the EPF Savings Account 2
  • The couple must be legally married in Malaysia
  • Both individuals and joint withdrawals with a spouse are allowed
  • Fertility treatments that are eligible for this are IUI, IVF, and ICSI


What documentation is needed for EPF withdrawal?


  • Form KWSP 9D (AHL) and checklist
  • A copy of identification documents with original identification cards (Non-MyKad holders only)
  • A savings account statement or a verification letter of account holder’s details from the bank holder
  • A letter of confirmation from the member or approved family member’s employer stating the medical cost average (if applicable)
  • Form KWSP 3 (Pindaan) for those with mail submissions
  • A complete medical report, specifically the fertility treatment LPP-2 form

For more information, please visit EPF official website!

If you have read the following terms and are eligible for this payment plan: congratulations! It’s time to move forward and plan for your future family. Your next step is pretty simple as you can leave all the hard work in our hands.


Make an appointment with a pregnancy specialist, such as LUMIROUS, where we can take over and make any necessary arrangements that is tailored to suit you and your family. After a consultation to identify the target issues and an assessment of both parents, we can progress with the IVF or IUI treatment.

Once the treatment is confirmed, you can send your documents over to EPF for withdrawal. The full amount will be transferred to your bank account, which you can make the payment with to your preferred fertility clinic for an IUI, IVF or ICSI treatment.

We at LUMIROUS believe in every couple’s right to have a baby, which is why we are striving for fertility resources to be available for everyone. To know more about pregnancy and fertility treatments, please visit our website!

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