LUMIROUS support all women and couples who are trying to conceive

About Us

LUMIROUS support all women, men and couples who are trying to conceive.

Our Vision

We create a world where people can choose whether to give a birth or not, instead of being forced to choose a child-free life because they cannot give birth to a child.

The word LUMIROUS was derived from the words luminous and glorious. Anna named the company LUMIROUS with the hope that the platform will be the light that shines on in the darkness, helping those who are facing infertility issues to achieve their dream to have their own baby.


Established in September 2020, LUMIROUS is a femtech start-up that aims to support women, men, and couples who are longing to have their own child. We are devoting ourselves to creating fertility support networks and building a fertility community. In order to achieve our mission, we have built the first fertility community and marketplace in Southeast Asia which bridges the gap between those who are suffering from infertility and fertility experts. is a one-stop fertility platform that gathers all the fertility resources. It serves as an information hub, as well as a community space that allows our members to interact with fertility experts regarding infertility issues, and reproductive health.

LUMIROUS is a reliable platform not only for those who are suffering from infertility but also for all women and those who are planning to start a family.

Message from Founder

Anna Yamauchi, the founder, and CEO of LUMIROUS, is a pioneer in the femtech industry in Southeast Asia. Graduated from University of Surrey with a Master Degree in Entrepreneurship, Anna has a vast experience in building and managing a business. Prior to the establishment of LUMIROUS, she was the co-founder and managing director of Trambellir Sdn. Bhd., an online medical tourism platform. With the experiences that she gained when she was managing Trambellir Sdn. Bhd, she has what it takes to bring a start-up to the next level.

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