We are committed to improving mental health care for those suffer from infertility so that they can feel positive.


We create a world where people can choose whether to give a birth or not, instead of being forced to choose a child-free life because they cannot give birth to a child.

We create a world where people can live a shining life through our services.

Our Leadership

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Infertility is a global public health issue. One out of six couples suffers from infertility.

By 2025, almost 10 million couples will encounter problems in having a baby.

My friends cried and was upset during her fertility journey and what I could do for her was listen to her. There are many people who are having a hard time as well. We provide the best service and solution for their fertility journey.

Anna was Co-Founder and Managing Director of Trambellir Sdn Bhd, it's an Online Booking Platform for Medical Tourism.

She holds MSc at University of Surrey in Entrepreneurship.

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