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Does excessive exercise affects PCOS?

What is considered excessive exercise and does HIIT suitable for PCOS patients ?

18 Jan 2023


Answer from the Doctor
LUMIROUS Team and Fertility Coaches
Actually, every PCOS patients are different. It depends on your hormone level, especially if your DHEA is out of balance, then probably stress can be the main issue for you. if you have been practicing a lot of

I define excessive exercise as very intense exercise, such as cardio or HIIT. The high intensity here refers to when you cannot even talk or sing properly after your exercise. So, if you are doing it more than 3 times a week, more than 1 hour per session is already considered as excessive exercise.

Everyone has a different tolerance level. If your stress level is very high and you are very anxious about your weight, I will advise you to tame down a little bit on your exercise. You can still have HIIT exercise, but probably in shorter duration and less frequently in a week. Maybe once a week for 30 minutes. Otherwise, you can do other exercises like yoga or pilates, which are more calming and strengthening types of exercises.

13 Feb 2023

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