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Can PGS confirm that I won't experience miscarriage?

Siew Hong30sFemale
I have experienced multiple miscarriages before. The miscarriages happened after the 4th or 5th weeks into the pregnancies. I did a PGS test in the IVF cycle that I am current going through. Does that mean I will not have a miscarriage this time?

14 Jun 2022


Answer from the Doctor
In general, the miscarriage rate is around 15%, meaning 15 out of 100 pregnant women may lose their pregnancies in the first three months of their pregnancies. There are many causes of miscarriages. The most common cause for the 15% of miscarriages is because the baby’s DNA is not normal. Around 60% of the miscarriages are due to this reason. The PGS test helps you to select normal embryos for embryo transfer. This will minimise the chances of miscarriage. However, there are still other causes of miscarriage.

29 Jun 2022
Answer from the Doctor
PGT-A, formerly known as PGS, plays an important role in increasing the chances of implantation and decreasing the risk for miscarriage, by checking on if the number of chromosome for the embryo is normal. Usually, 50-60% early stage miscarriages are associated with abnormal number of chromosome for embryo.

Wishing you the best of luck in your embryo transfer.

08 Jul 2022

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