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Is insulin resistance affecting my ovulation?

Doctor, I have insulin resistant. Does that mean that I have PCOS? Last month, doc give medication to made the egg big bit when check is still small, is this because of insulin issue?

30 Sep 2022


Answer from the Doctor
PCOS puts you at an increased risk of developing diabetes. Diabetes can be caused by multiple things. Women with PCOS tend to be resistant to insulin. Meaning that you are releasing insulin. In some cases, some women who are suffering from diabetes do not release insulin. But you are releasing insulin. It's just that your body does not react to it or that it does not respond to the insulin that your body releases. One of the ways for you to tackle insulin resistance is to treat you with metformin. Doctors may prescribe you metformin when he/she suspects you to have insulin resistance. However, metformin does have side effects such as having loose stools. bloating, and diarrhea. Not all pateients can tolerate with metformin intake as well. You mentioned that the doctors give you some medication last month to make the eggs big, however, it did not really work. Women with PCOS sometimes have eggs which are resistant. I do not think that is caused by insulin issue. Sometimes, your eggs just do not respond the same way they normal do. They do not grow as fast at the other eggs.

30 Sep 2022

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