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What happens to the immature eggs in my body?

Samantha Lim30sFemale
Hi Doctor. I am diagnosed with PCOS. May I know what will happen to the immature follicles? and will the immature follicle affect the next ovulation?

30 Sep 2022


Answer from the Doctor
Sometimes the follicles that do not mature or immature eggs, they can affect the next month's cycle. This is because the follicles do stay in your ovaries and release some hormones and mess up you whole menstrual cycle. There are different types of hormones in our body playing different roles. Some hormones make your eggs grow, and some hormones make you ovulate. If you have immature eggs in your ovaries, it will affect your hormonal balance. But a lot of the time the immature eggs will be absorbed by the body later on. But again, it can affect future ovulation as well.

30 Sep 2022

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