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What is kd score for embryos?

Doctor, I have lean PCOS. My embryo was graded with 7c2. What is kd 3 score of 4? There is a remark that the eggs are bilateral, oval and SER disc notified. Should I still transfer them? I didn’t get much explanation from my doctor.

29 Sep 2022


Answer from the Doctor
One of the problems with women with PCOS is that you form a lot of eggs but sometimes the quality of the eggs may not be so good. The kd3 score is just an indication of what the cells look like. It is just a grading system that embryologists use to see how nice the embryo cell looks. However, the grade of your embryos does not sound very good. However, we never know what is the result until we transfer the embryo into a woman's uterus. The kd3 score is just an indication of how the cell looks. Sometimes embryos with not very good quality and not very good scores do implant and form a baby. And the babies are normal. I think this is a discussion you should have with the embryologist at the fertility centre that you had your IVF treatment.

29 Sep 2022

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