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Will I be able to have my own child?

Doctor, I have PCOS. I had 2 miscarriages in 2020. In 2021, my menses began to be irregular. Sometimes, I have twice menses in a month, sometimes, I had once menses in a few months. Is this normal? Will I be able to have my own child?

21 Jul 2022


Answer from the Doctor
Yes, of course, you will still be able to have your own child. You are having irregular periods because of PCOS. Sometimes you are not ovulating on time, and sometimes you are not ovulating at all. Apart from that, due to the PCOS condition, the quality of your eggs may not be good although you have many eggs. Your hormone is not well regulated and causes you to have irregular periods. Miscarriage risks for women with PCOS can be higher as well. You are still ovulating, just that it is harder to catch your ovulation to have a natural pregnancy. If you are pregnant, you might have to see your doctor early. He/she is going to give you hormonal support, usually in the form of tablets or injections to try to minimise the chances of miscarriages. You can still get pregnant naturally, it might be harder for you. You can also consider IUI treatment and IVF treatment. Do not lose hope.

22 Jul 2022

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