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How to know if I have Pcos or Pco?


I'm 39yo with amh is 4.96ng. Recent bloodtest on D2 shows my LH 4.6 and my FSH 6.1

I used to have regular menses of 30-32days. However after my miscarriage in Feb22, my menses seems to become longer at ard 38days. Does it mean tat I have pco or pcos? What kind of tests do I need to do to find out?

I done 4ivf before. My D2 afc is usually btw 10-15. The 4 ivf cycles I done, I retrieved btw 12-21eggs with 90% matured eggs. I heard pcos patients usually have alot immature eggs but I'm not sure if it's true.

Recently 1 doc tell me he suspect I got pco due to my high amh at 39yo.

13 Jul 2022


Answer from the Doctor
The blood test does not suggest that you are having PCOS because your AMH level is still within the normal range 4.96ng for the women below 40 years old. You are still having regular menses. Sometimes, after a woman experience a miscarriage, her menses will be disturbed. However, this condition will become normal gradually.

I can see that you have been through 4 IVF cycles and all the outcomes seemed good. You have 12 - 21 eggs retrieved with 90% matured eggs.

Based on the information you provide, it does not suggest that you have PCOS. From what you describe, you do not fulfil the criteria of PCOS.

18 Jul 2022

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