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I have been receiving Yasmin And Diane treatment for one year, but the period won't come after I stop the medication. Currently it's been 3 months since my last period and I'm not sure whether to go for TCM method or continue with the Western treatment. What should I do now (menstruation induction or to wait)?

13 Jul 2022


Answer from the Doctor
First and foremost, I would suggest you to go and see your doctor. Try to find out why your period wouldn't come after stopping Yasmin and Diane. Could it be suppression, hormonal imbalances, or anything other things that are causing this? For example, if you have a pituitary tumour and have a very high prolactin level, then your period would not come. It is very important that you see a doctor and rule out all the possible causes of irregular or missed periods. I would suggest you to see a doctor and have a check-up to rule out all other possible causes of irregular or missed periods before you start taking the TCM treatment.

25 Jul 2022

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