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I had miscarried with 11 weeks + I have PCOS

Hello, Doctor.
I just want to ask for your opinion.. I just miscarried 11 weeks as well I have PCOS & dermoid cyst in my ovary. Any supplements/tips to prevent recurring miscarriages in the future for those suffering from pcos? Please advice me on this. Thank you.

11 Jul 2022


Answer from the Doctor
In order to prevent recurrent miscarriages, you have to make sure your BMI is within the healthy range. If you are obese, you might have to lose some weight. Besides that, you should also go for a check-up to rule out thyroid disorders and insulin resistance. You also have to start on your metformin and folic acid to prevent birth defects. You should also start taking vitamin D3. Once you are pregnant, you may want to consider taking a certain type of progesterone which can help to prevent cramps in your womb and thus prevent miscarriage. You can also take baby aspirin, which is a very low dose of aspirin, which can help with the blood flow to your womb and helps prevent miscarriages.

As for the dermoid cyst, it depends on the size. If it is very small (around 2 - 3 cm) you can just leave it alone. If it gets to 4 or 5 cm, it is always better for you to have it removed.

25 Jul 2022

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