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Difference between DNA test and PGS test.

What and how is this DNA test different from the PGS test?

31 Jan 2023


Answer from the Doctor
LUMIROUS Team and Fertility Coaches
I think is this only relevant for carriers, prime is different from PGS where it looks into personal health, and personal nutrition. I think the difference in carrier and PGS is to be done prior to the IVF procedure. PGS is specifically looking at a particular embryo to be checked whether it has any diseases before choosing the right one. For carriers, testing is more like looking into you and your husband, specifically. This will carry with you as well as to your embryo, whether or not. PGS usually comes under the package of IVF, which may cost a lot as they are testing each time of each embryo but carrier testing is one testing where all the information is carried with you. Your DNA doesn't change unless your DNA may change due to very severe radiation.

We don't say that carrier testing will replace PGS but is more like a complementary thing. You can do one at first, then make a better decision whether to carry on with the next one or not.

19 Apr 2023

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