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Miscarriage and PCOS

Good day doctors. I had 2 miscarriage on early pregnancy. First miscarriage at 6 weeks and second at 10 weeks.
First pregnancy(May 2021) was after 6 months im married. And second pregnancy (Nov2021) was after 6 months of my first miscarriage (with help of clomid).
First miscarriage because i had bleeding. Second miscarriage was because the development of the baby has stopped and no heart beat at those weeks. Was my miscarriage because of PCOS? I am diagnose with PCOS. What do I have to do to prevent miscarriage happen again and what do I have to do to get pregnant again?

Its really hard for fme to control my sugar intake and diet. Can i get any tips on how to control those cravings? (Im 76kg and 155cm). Thank you doctors.

06 Apr 2022


Answer from the Doctor
The risk of miscarriage in each pregnancy is ~10-15%.

The risk of 3 consecutive recurrent miscarriages is ~1%. You may need to investigate; however, you have a higher chance as you are able to conceive.

PCOS is not associated with miscarriage.

There is no prevention for miscarriage, unless there are known causes.

Pre-conception folic acid for minimum 3 months will do.

If you find it difficult to control your sugar intake, you may need to perform more cardio exercises to burn the calories.

12 May 2022

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