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Frozen embryo protocol drugs

Hai, im on 2month lucrin protocol in preparation for FET due to endometriosis. Would taking high dose of progynova and progesterone activates my endometriosis? Which FET protocol best suites someone with endometriosis?

18 Aug 2022


Answer from the Doctor
In general, what doctors would do for endometriosis patients is to reduce the disease to almost zero. As you know, endometriosis can cause a lot of inflammation and cause the environment around the uterus to be very hostile. Sometimes what we do is, we prescribe medication like lucrin to really suppress the endometriosis, and once it is suppressed, then we will give the patient progynova to build up the lining and plant the embryo. The progynoya that you are taking right now, most likely be for 2 weeks, before we put back the embryo. It is not going to reactivate your endometriosis. And if you do get pregnant, you will not have periods for 9 months, and it will be longer if you are breastfeeding. That would be a cure for endometriosis.

20 Sep 2022

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