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Should I go for traditional Chinese medicine?

I have been receiving Yasmin And Diane treatment for one year, but the period won't come after I stop the medication. Currently it's been 3 months since my last period and I'm not sure whether to go for TCM method or continue with the Western treatment. What should I do now (menstruation induction or to wait)?

20 Oct 2022


Answer from the Doctor
You have PCOS, and if you were to take Yasmin and Diane, that will give you an artificial sense that your periods are regular. It does not treat the problem, at all. It's just telling you that your period, but it's not your body that is doing the job, it's the medication that is doing the job. So, you have to use medicines to induce your period.

When you have PCOS, it all depends on what you want. do you want to get pregnant, or do you want just a regular cycle? If you want pregnant, then get medicine to induce your cycle, and start taking treatments like Clomid, letrozole, or injections to get your eggs to grow. The doctor will monitor your ad tell you when is the best time to have intercourse. Or do an IUI instead. Okay, if that still doesn't work, then you can go and do a laparoscopic ovarian drilling, that's how we do a cryo surgery, some old and news with your ovary, and followed by medication. After that, your eggs and ovaries will be more responsive. And if that still doesn't work, you can do an IVF cycle. The other things to treat your PCOS are to control it. Once you're a PCOS, you're always a PCOS. You cannot cheat treated. But you can control, it. The other way to control it naturally is to lose weight and stop the sugars. You can take some metformin. Metformin is a diabetic medication, it will your body into sugar move efficiently, and if your are obese, you have to lose weight.

If you're not keen on pregnancy, you want a regular cycle, please go on with your Yasmin, and Diane it's fine. Oral contraceptive pills false your period into regular, but they don't treat it. So you have to go straight to the point, induce a period and start medication right away to get back.

Of course, traditional Chinese medicine is something that may help you. So I think you can check on your options.

23 Nov 2022

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