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Why can't I have my own child?

I have been married for 12 years. Before this, I managed to conceive naturally. However, both ended in miscarriages due to no fetal heartbeat. Throughout the years, my husband and I did try IVF but none of the cycles work due to poor quality eggs. Last year, I managed to conceive naturally. When I was 12 weeks into my pregnancy, the doctor performed a CVS and found that the baby is positive for Patau syndrome. The pregnancy ended in miscarriage as well. I would like to know if this is my problem? Is there anyway I can have my own children?

31 May 2022


Answer from the Doctor
Maybe you can consider doing a karyotyping genetic test. If the genetic test shows everything is normal and you are keen to try again, you can always try another cycle of IVF. This is not your fault. Patau syndrome and miscarriage can occur by chance. If the genetic test shows that there are underlying problems, probably you have to consider doing a PGT-A in your IVF cycle. If your embryo(s) or blastocyst(s) is healthy and genetically normal, you can proceed with the embryo transfer. I would also recommend you to see a fertility specialist to check on your uterus to rule out all causes of miscarriage.

20 Jul 2022
Answer from the Doctor
I would suggest you to do a genetic test to check the genetic codes which are preventing you from getting pregnant. You should also do a blood test look for the factors which increase the risks of having a miscarriage. Try to take supplements such as folic acid, CoQ10 and vitamin D to improve your health.

26 Jul 2022

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