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Why should we address infertility?


Infertility is a tough topic to speak on for many different reasons, particularly how it affects everyone on a different scale. Being such a personal and harrowing experience, many couples who are infertile choose to suffer alone in fear of being judged or shamed for it.
We at LUMIROUS would like to shed light on this issue, as infertility affects more people than we realize.



Infertility Facts


Up to 186 Million People Suffer from Infertility Worldwide  

Being infertile is not something to be ashamed about, especially when it happens so prevalently. Studies done by the World Health Organisation (WHO) stated that there is an average estimate of 48 million couples and 186 million people who are infertile on a global scale. When you look at the numbers, it is not unlikely for you, your friends, or your family members to be included in these statistics.

Infertility Affects Men and Women Equally   There is a common misconception that women are the only ones to blame when a pregnancy fails to occur. Infertility is a two-way street—it occurs in both the male and female reproductive systems. Instead of just blaming or shaming one partner, take time to understand the complicated roots of infertility.
There Often Are No Direct Causes for Infertility   While there are signs and symptoms that a person could possibly be infertile, it only accounts for two-thirds of it. Often times, there is simply no direct answer or reason for a person or couple for being infertile. This is why it’s important to understand infertility, as it can be very frustrating.
85% to 90% of Infertility Cases are Treatable   The good news about infertility is that it is almost always treatable. There are a number of treatments to choose from; ranging from exercise, medication, and even surgery.



Why should We Talk about Infertility?


Pregnancies are always celebrated and seen as the biggest joy a couple can experience. On the other side of that coin, infertility struggles seem to be brushed aside or ignored. The issues go hand-in-hand, and should not be worn like a badge of shame.
Both pregnancies and infertility struggles are incredibly personal issues, both of which can take a toll on a couple and individual. We should do our part and equally give both issues the attention they deserve, as couples who struggle with infertility are often left feeling incredibly alone.



How to Talk to Someone about Infertility?


Unsure how to broach the topic of infertility without hurting anyone’s feelings? We at LUMIROUS are here to guide you on how to flawlessly address infertility.


If You or Your Spouse Are Experiencing Infertility:

Decide How to Address the Issue Beforehand

  Remember that infertility affects both of you, so it is important that both you and your spouse are aware and on the same line of understanding before opening up about it. Infertility is an intimate and personal topic, so they might not be as open or keen on letting outsiders know about it. In order to avoid painful confrontations and arguments, it’s best to discuss the issue thoroughly first with them.
Remember that It Is a Personal Issue  

Once you’ve both decided to come forward with your infertility struggle, keep in mind that you do not owe the entire world an explanation. There is a huge difference in mentioning that you two have been having trouble conceiving versus doing in-depth about how you or your spouse might be having sexual troubles.

Strategically Use Deflection and Humour  

As lovely as it would be to live in a world where everyone is empathetic and considerate, sometimes people often do not realize the sharpness of their words. When you or your spouse are in a situation where you are being interrogated or being asked insensitive questions regarding your infertility struggles, strategy is key in maintaining a cool exterior.

You could try deflecting by asking them about their family and children instead, such as “We’re hoping to start a family of our own soon, but speaking of, how are your kids?” Go into detail so they can forget about the main reason why they are asking you this question. Alternatively, you could also joke about it (PS: dark humor might upset them, so do be mindful of your audience!)



If Someone You Know is Experiencing Infertility:

Be Discreet


Thoughtfulness is key when dealing with a friend or family member who is experiencing infertility. Do not bring it up in public, at the dining table, or in big numbers of people. They are already going through enough and putting the main attention and focus on them would only add to the stress.

Do Not Joke About a Struggle that Isn’t Yours


Even if your friend or family member may be joking or laughing their pain off, this is not an invitation for you to join in with them and further put them down. Humour is a coping mechanism, it helps people get through their struggles when there are no other alternatives.

Be Supportive


When someone opens up to you about their infertility struggles, they often just want your support. Offer a listening ear and a shoulder to lean on. The path of infertility tends to be an incredibly lonely one, so just knowing that they have someone they can talk to already helps.

To learn more about infertility and fertility treatments, check out our website. We are dedicated to changing the stigma affecting couples and believe in every couple’s right to have a child. You can also contact us for further information at our website.


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