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How Fertility Coaching Can Empower You Throughout Challenges To Conceive

Infertility can rob you of the joy in the journey to pregnancy, especially when you lack support. It is understandable that you can feel a mix of emotions when seemingly every woman you know is getting pregnant and having babies, but you are not.

Even with fertility treatments like In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), there are gaps that no one can fill or questions no one can answer. This is where a Fertility Coach can help - they offer personalized and tailored support throughout your struggle with infertility.

Often after an infertility diagnosis, you can feel overwhelmed and stressed. This may lead to overthinking and emotional stress of researching every possible answer on the Internet to try to make sense of your condition, possible treatments, or even why treatments have failed.

Causes of stress during infertility can also include:

  • Disappointment from not being able to build a family as planned
  • Social stigma
  • Financial issues
  • Feelings of isolation
  • Pressure to make decisions around professional career
  • Coping with recurrent loss
  • Failed treatments
  • Conflicts with partner

It is important to know that in order for fertility treatments to work, you should be well informed of what the treatments entail, and be calm throughout the procedures. This is to ensure that your body can be ready to conceive, and your emotions are stable to support your body going through the treatments.

Fertility Coaching focuses on you as the whole person - not just the medical diagnosis. A Fertility Coach is someone who is experienced in counseling, psychology, coaching and has specialized knowledge in infertility as well as fertility treatments. Getting a Fertility Coach can help you to stay calm and positive throughout your struggles with infertility issues and fertility treatments such as IVF, IUI and others.

Apart from that, a Fertility Coach can guide you with the best diet and exercises so that you can stay at the best of health in your journey. Even when you have lots of questions in your head, a Fertility Coach will always be ready to explain how any process in your fertility treatment works, and what you should do to obtain the best outcome.

Fertility coaching services also help individuals or couples with:

  • Improving relationships and providing marital counseling
  • Physical and emotional preparations in fertility treatments
  • Coping with a challenging pregnancy and preparing for birth
  • Enduring grief, trauma and loss after miscarriage, stillbirth and reproductive problems
  • Managing postnatal depression, anxiety and other mental health issues



How Do I Find A Fertility Coach?


You can get in touch with a coach through Fertility Coaching services that are available through online platforms or by recommendations. For instance, is a platform where you can find and book Fertility Coaching service with the coach of your choice.

With the ongoing pandemic, Fertility Coaches can work online and you can meet and consult with one virtually. Hence, getting one that is nearby your location is not necessary.

Fertility Coaches can come with specific and a variety of credentials, so it is up to you to choose one based on the support you need.

Above all, it is important to know that you do not have to isolate yourself throughout the challenges. Fertility Coaches are ready to guide and be at your side.

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