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5 Things Men Do That Harm Their Fertility


The majority of male infertility problems lie with the quality of their sperm. Healthy sperm is not a given. In fact, there are many factors in your lifestyle that can impair your ability to produce healthy sperm.

This article will discuss the most common 5 Things Men Do That Harm Their Fertility in their daily life. You may be surprised to find out that these things are actually within your control and can be immediately corrected even without fertility treatment or medical input.





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Every couple that is trying to have a baby will ultimately be advised to manage their weight. Obesity in men has a huge impact on hormone levels which in turn causes problems with sperm production and quality. Overweight men are more likely to have low sperm count or at times, none at all. 

Obesity and diabetes poses danger to the sperm at a molecular level. Both conditions can cause problems to the sperm’s health as well as damage to the sperm DNA — case of sperm DNA fragmentation. The integrity of the sperm DNA is important in ensuring successful fertilization and preventing future miscarriages. Some research has shown that paternal obesity has an effect on future children’s health by the increased risk of contracting chronic diseases. 

The best way to manage your weight is through exercise and a healthy diet. Use BMI index as guidelines for losing weight as you also need to avoid being underweight. 



Dietary Habits


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Correct nutrition is the key to producing healthy sperm. Men should avoid food that is high in saturated fatty acid and trans fat which are known to lower sperm quality. No matter how convenient fast food is, remember that it is still a poor lifestyle choice. You will need to reduce your intake of fast food, processed meats, unhealthy snacks as well as caffeine and sugary treats.

Men are advised to consume food rich in antioxidants which can be found in fruits and vegetables as they may help improve sperm health. On the other hand, food rich in omega 3 like walnuts and oily fish is good in improving sperm production.



Unhealthy Lifestyles - Smoking, Alcohol, and Illicit Drugs


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Modern-day idea of stress relief and fun activities has given way to a lot of unhealthy lifestyle choices including smoking, drinking and illicit drugs. All three are never known to be good for you as they weaken your immune system and impair your sperm production. If left unmonitored, all three things mentioned above can easily lead to addiction.
Smoking has been linked to causing issues with sperm concentration and motility. Alcohol and illicit drugs on the other hand lead to hormonal imbalances and deteriorate your general health.
There is no safe limit for smoking, alcohol and drug abuse. You will need to lay off consumption entirely to increase your chance of having a baby.  Always remember that a healthy body is essential for producing healthy sperm. 





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Most men did not realise that the testicles are very sensitive to temperature. The increased temperature of your testicles may cause problems with sperm production and quality.

So what daily habits contribute to this condition? 

For lovers of sauna and hot bathtubs, you will need to lessen your visits, especially during the period of trying for conception. You may also want to try switching to a more loose-fitting attire and undergarments, for example, avoid tight-fitting trousers and opt for boxers shorts.

Some research also suggests that sitting with a warm laptop for an extended period of time could affect the temperature of your testicles. If your work demands prolonged exposure to high heat or prolonged sitting, you might want to try taking frequent walks to get moving and have some fresh air.



Chronic Stress


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Stress is something that everyone experiences from time to time, and the period of trying to conceive is undeniably one of those times. However, you should not let the stress get to you else it can develop into chronic stress. 

Chronic stress is a prolonged condition that will affect your mental and physical wellbeing. Although there has been no clear link on how stress can directly cause infertility, it surely leads to depression and anxiety. When your body is in a state of stress, your body won’t be producing enough hormones needed for the reproductive system to function. Men with depression and/or anxiety are also more likely to have decreased libido which will affect their reproductive ability and probably their sperm quality. 

How do you go about managing your stress?

#1 - Relaxation techniques

Each individual combats stress in their own way, but everyone will have to start by learning some relaxation techniques. Relaxation techniques such as breathing exercises, meditation and muscle relaxation are among the recommended techniques for you to try at home.

#2- Learn more about your infertility

Learning more about your condition can help you to understand your struggles and feel less powerless about it. More knowledge of your condition can also help to provide a sense of assurance when you are undergoing fertility treatment.

#3- Share your burden

Communicate with your partner regarding your problems, worries and struggles. Do not isolate yourself from people who can provide you with the support that you need.

#4- Take care of your health

Be aware that chronic stress if left untreated can bring harm to your physical health. Have regular exercise and a well-balanced diet to keep your body strong when dealing with stress. 




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