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Sperm Observation: TENGA Men's Loupe User Review

Recently, the LUMIROUS team had the privilege of sitting down with one of our users of the innovative TENGA Men's Loupe. Let's delve into his experience and gain valuable insights into this remarkable product.

Can you share your overall impression of the TENGA Sperm Observation Loupe Homekit?

When I first laid eyes on it, I was genuinely amazed! The fact that it was moving made it even more astonishing. This was my first encounter with such a device, so it left a positive impression on me. Changing my smartphone into a microscope? How cool is that! 


How did you find the user experience during the observation process? Was it easy to use and understand?

I took the time to carefully read the instructions since the tool was entirely new to me. With the instructions' guidance, setting it up on my iPhone became much more manageable. However, I must admit that some users might find it a bit confusing initially.


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What motivated you to try the homekit for sperm observation?

It all happened by chance. Many of my friends are married and starting families, and being in a similar phase without kids, I decided to get myself checked out. A friend recommended this tool for examining my sperm. Even though my wife and I currently have no plans for children and hiring a nanny in Japan can be costly, I still found the idea intriguing and fun. Plus, it provided valuable insights into my overall well-being.


How would you describe the quality of the loupe and its performance in observing sperm samples?

I won't deny that it was a bit challenging at first. After capturing the video of my sperm, I noticed they were quite active. However, not having a medical expert to consult with, I wasn't sure how to interpret the results. So, I decided to share it with my friend, who possesses knowledge about fertility. Thankfully, she assured me that everything looked good, leaving me quite satisfied with the loupe's performance.


How do you find the experience as a man?

It was a completely novel experience for me. I had never seen sperm up close without the aid of any lens or device. Witnessing it through the TENGA tool opened my eyes to the possibilities of self-exploration. I was genuinely impressed by the whole process.


His experience sheds light on the exciting and educational journey the TENGA Men's Loupe offers. With its unique features and accessibility, it has the potential to empower men to take charge of their reproductive health in an engaging and informative way. Click HERE to purchase.


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