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We at LUMIROUS devote ourselves to help and support those who want to have their own child. We have created a one-stop fertility platform that gathers all the fertility resources. The platform serves as an information hub, as well as a community space that allows our members to interact with fertility experts on their fertility issues and reproductive health. These are the exclusive benefits that our members get to enjoy. And guess what, it is FREE to sign up for a membership on

Benefit 1 - Connecting You to the Right Fertility Centre and Fertility Doctor


Most people do not know where to go or who they should go to when they are facing health conditions, let alone when they are facing issues with their fertility and reproductive health. They do not know which fertility centre or fertility doctor they should go to in order to seek for help.
Here at LUMIROUS, we are partnering with more than 15 fertility centres across Malaysia. We have built a network connecting our members to the fertility centres and experts. What we can do for you is recommending the fertility centre and specialist that best suits your needs. In this way, you will not be wasting your time and money trying out the fertility treatments available on the market without any directions.


Benefit 2 - Free Fertility Consultation with Fertility Counsellor

In order to help our members to find the fertility centre and doctor that best suits their needs, we have in-house fertility counsellor providing fertility consultation. During the fertility consultation, the fertility counsellor will be asking all the important and relevant questions to find out what are the issues that a couple is facing, as well as their wishes and expectations. Based on the information provided, our fertility counsellor will then recommend the most suitable fertility centre and doctor for them. Some of the criteria that our fertility counsellor will be taking into consideration before giving their recommendations are the location of the couple, their budget, which type of treatments or services they are looking for, as well as their expectations.


Benefit 3 - Free Advice from Fertility Doctors


With the rise of social media platforms, most of us tends to share our problems in the social network communities such as Facebook communities and hope that someone will enlighten us. However, what we usually get is the sharing of an individual's experience instead of professional advice. As most of us know that everyone has a different body, even if they are of the same age and gender. A treatment may work for a particular individual, but it might not be working for you. This is where professional advice from doctors comes in handy. The doctors will give you their advice based on your condition.
The same goes for those who are facing fertility issues. We believe that they need advice from professional fertility doctors as well. That's the reason why we have included a very special feature on our website - the Dr Q&A session. Our members get to ask questions pertaining to their fertility and reproductive health to our fertility doctors. We have a team of fertility doctors lined up to help them with their fertility issues. All they have to do is to post their question on our website, just like how you post a question on Facebook. But here you will get to protect your own privacy. You are allowed to use "pen name" or any name that you prefer when you are posting your questions on our website. Then, we will have fertility doctors answering your questions for you. 


Benefit 4 - Free Webinars with Fertility Experts


Knowing that the awareness of the fertility issues is still very low in Malaysia and even in South-East Asia, we at LUMIROUS are devoting ourselves to raise the public's awareness of this issue. Running free webinars is one of the many approaches that we are doing to achieve that purpose. 
When the public is well-informed about fertility issues, their awareness of this issue will increase. As the public becomes more aware of this issue, the stigma of discussing fertility issues with the others will be reduced. The public should have the understanding that fertility issues is just another health issue, like having a flu, which can be solved by getting the suitable treatments. It is not "the end of the world" issue, and certainly not something that someone should feel ashamed to talk about.


Benefit 5 - Fertility Coaching


Couples who are facing fertility issues often feel lost or depressed, especially for those who been through many cycles of fertility treatments and yet still have not succeeded. They will lose hopes of having their own children after exhausting all the options that they know or they can. 
What we would like to tell them is - this is not the end of the world. We often hear fertility specialists telling their patients not to lose hopes or give up on their dreams to have their own child. Knowing how important fertility coaching is to those who are suffering from fertility issues, we have formed a team of professional fertility coaches to provide fertility coaching to those who are in need. Everyone should know that their mental health is as important as their physical health when tacking their fertility issues.


Benefit 6 - Community Support


"You are not alone." - that's what we have been telling our members repeatedly. Due to the stigma of discussing fertility issues with the others, couples who are facing these issues, often feel alone and helpless. Here at LUMIROUS, we are building a community which consists of couples who are facing fertility issues, fertility coaches, nutritionists, fertility doctors and fertility counsellors to provide community support for all of our members. Knowing that they are not alone and getting support from those who have faced and solved their fertility issues gives our members the confidence and encouragements to overcome the hurdle that they are facing.



Benefit 7 - Special Discount on Fertility Products


We constantly collaborate with other fem-tech and pharmaceutical companies to provide the best fertility products in the market to our members. We filter all the products available in the market and only pick the best ones for our members. All of our members get to enjoy a special discount on the fertility products sold on our website. 


What are you waiting for? Sign up to be our member and enjoy all the perks we have prepared exclusively for our members. 


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