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Mediterranean Diet, the Best Diet for Fertility



The path to a successful pregnancy is one filled with challenges. This is why we at LUMIROUS would like to make that journey a far easier one! One of the few things you can control on your TTC journey, and during a pregnancy is the chances of improving your fertility, which is where we come in.


What is the Mediterranean Diet?


Unlike most diets and eating plans, the Mediterranean diet is not a restrictive eating plan. There is no room for rapid weight loss here, so you don’t have to worry about any shifts in your BMI as well.

The Mediterranean diet was created based on what food is typically eaten by the people living in the Mediterranean countries - Greece, Italy, and Spain. It is more of a lifestyle change rather than a dietary pattern to be followed. The Mediterranean way of life is very flexible, relaxed, and adaptable; which is exactly what you need to be emulating. 


The Mediterranean Culture


The Mediterranean diet includes lifestyle changes as well as an eating plan. To follow the diet successfully, one must change his mindset and approach to life as well.
Be More Active


Maybe it has to do with the fact that some parts of Mediterranean countries are left untouched by technology, but the natives tend to get used to doing a lot of things manually. This includes walking to most places instead of catching a cab, and taking the stairs to your apartment instead of a lift.


While we may not be as blessed with the same weather as these Mediterranean countries, a good way to include this is by seeing what fits your lifestyle best. As long as you actively make the effort to be more active, you will start to feel the difference yourself.


Socialize with People Around You


We, humans, are social creatures by nature, which is why socializing is so important to us. No one likes to be left alone, and this culture is greatly cultivated by the Mediterranean people.

Especially at meals, you should socialize more with the people in your life. Invite old friends around for dinner, make time to eat with your partner, or visit your family for a meal. Put down your phone and skip watching TV. Instead, try to have a meaningful conversation with one another.

Sharing a meal with the people who you cherish is a big part of Mediterranean culture, as it makes you enjoy your food more.


Eat According to the Mediterranean Dietary Pattern


Throw everything you thought you knew about diet plans away because to eat like a Mediterranean person, you will need to stock up on carbs.

Make sure to include a plate of whole grains such as brown rice, pasta, and cereal in your meals every day. Servings of nuts, seeds, legumes, beans, and lentils also make up a large part of the daily intake - and let’s not forget the lush fruit and vegetables! Drench your food with extra virgin olive oil as well, which is the key when it comes to absorbing nutrients.

Limit the intake of fish, chicken, and cheese to twice a week instead of daily intake. You should also lessen your intake of red meat and sweets to once a week instead.

The Mediterranean diet also suggests drinking plenty of water. Remember, it’s all about enjoying your meal!


How the Mediterranean Diet Improves Fertility



With all of these small changes, you must be wondering how this helps with fertility. Well, due to its non-restrictive nature, your body will adapt to it a lot easier compared to strict diets which take a lot longer to adjust to.

Besides that, the meal plans feature healthy fats and proteins, which not only give you more energy during the day but also improve your fertility. The intake of legumes, nuts, and seeds especially helps boost fertility.

Overall, the Mediterranean diet helps to improve fertility simply because it helps relax your body and helps you love your life more. Once you start appreciating the little things and having a more relaxed mindset, your body will then listen to you. Nourish your body with delicious, healthy food instead of starving and restricting yourself to a tight calorie count.

In conclusion, the Mediterranean diet is great for improving fertility because how it emphasizes the importance of enjoying and loving your life. It also includes foods that are rich in antioxidants and nutrients, which help to achieve a successful pregnancy. As we adopt a more positive outlook and mindset, we are preparing ourselves for a better future and a successful pregnancy as well!
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