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Sunway Medical Centre

Sunway Medical Centre
In Selangor, Malaysia
Doctor Available: 7 Gynaecologist Available
Est Year: 1999
Location: Bandar Sunway/ Selangor
Specialisation: Infertility, Obstetrics, Gynecology Clinic

About Sunway Medical Centre
Sunway Medical Centre is one of the Top Gynecology and Infertility Centre in Malaysia. Sunway Medical Centre is known for its various services covering IUI Treatment, IVF Treatment, ICSI Treatment, Egg Donation, Oocyte Freezing etc..

Fertility Treatment Cost
IVF/ICSI Package MYR22,888~
IVF share case (No medications) MYR15,888~
FET Package MYR5,288~
Egg Freezing Package MYR20,888~
IVF/ICSI + PGT-A Package MYR36,688~
Donor IVF/ ICSI + PGS Package MYR46,888~