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SEA Fertility Service Platform LUMIROUS has closed Angel Round

Malaysia-based fertility support company LUMIROUS raises funds from angel investors
Lumirous Sdn Bhd (Headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, CEO: Anna Yamauchi, hereinafter referred to as LUMIROUS), a fertility support business in Southeast Asia based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, is pleased to announce that it has raised an angel round of funding from two angel investors. We are pleased to announce that LUMIROUS has raised angel round funding from two angel investors.

LUMIROUS operates a fertility support business, focusing on providing fertility coaching services to couples who have difficulty conceiving naturally, which is said to be 1 in 6 couples (*1).
Our main business, fertility coaching, is said to increase the success rate of IVF by 50% and reduce the cost by about 3.2 million yen per couple by taking the coaching. (※2)

LUMIROUS Fertility Coach Booking Site

(*1) National Institute of Population and Social Security Research, “2015 Basic Survey on Social Security and Population Issues

(※2) Mobile Health Coaching on Nutrition and Lifestyle Behaviors for Subfertile Couples Using the Smarter Pregnancy Program

Background and Objectives of Fundraising
Since its establishment in December 2020, LUMIROUS has focused on building a foundation for providing fertility support services by hiring fertility coaches with expertise as nurses, midwives, nutritionists, etc., as well as their own experience in fertility treatment, and promoting business alliances with fertility treatment clinics.
As of June 30, 2021, we have 40 fertility coaches, five major fertility clinics in Malaysia, and a clinic in Ukraine that offers surrogate motherhood services. As we are now ready to provide fertility support services through these initiatives, we have decided to raise funds to strengthen our marketing efforts in Malaysia, which has a high level of medical care and the second highest average GDP in Southeast Asia after Singapore. In order to develop our business, we will focus on Malaysia, where the average GDP is the second highest in Southeast Asia after Singapore, and strengthen our marketing.

Fertility support market in Malaysia
In Malaysia, 10-15% of the population is said to have infertility problems (3), and with a cultural background that makes it imperative to have children and continue the family lineage (4), it is expected that there are many couples with a strong interest in fertility treatment.
In addition, since there is no neutral player in the country whose main business is to support fertility, couples suffering from infertility need to select reliable and suitable information from the vast amount of information available, and the path to fertility is not optimized.
In order to solve this problem, LUMIROUS aims to optimize the fertility activities of many couples by providing correct information and physical and psychological support after gaining trust in the market based on partnerships with fertility clinics and fertility coaches.

Comments from each investor
Mr. Hiroki Kamatsu

I believe that the social issue of fertility and infertility treatment will become an area of increasing interest in the future. We hope that Lumilas will become a leading company in this field. In addition to the growth potential of FemTech, I see great potential in CEO Yamauchi’s overseas strategy and his ability to implement it, and I am pleased to invest in the company.

Mr. Kosuke Tsubota, President, Medical Care Promotion Association

Infertility, miscarriages, and the sadness of being locked away and unable to tell others.
People are unhappy in their relationships because of this sadness. It will help you to free yourself from the lonely sorrow of confinement.
It will also help to create a healthy and happy world, physically, mentally, and socially.
That’s what I hope, and that’s why I decided to work with you.
LUMIROUS has been active in the global market from the beginning.

LUMIROUS, a FemTech startup headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, was founded in December 2020 and has been promoting its fertility support business. LUMIROUS supports couples on their “fertility journey” by providing information and emotional support suitable for each couple during the various phases of their fertility journey, from fertility preparation to fertility treatment.
We are planning to expand our business in the Southeast Asian region, and we will strengthen our business in order to expand our services to support a wide range of fertility phases, such as fertility coaching, clinic referrals, and sales of fertility pre-treatment test kits.