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Predict Ovulation Time

Basal Body Temperature Measurement
The basal body temperature is your temperature when you are at complete rest.
You should do this first thing in the morning at the same time everyday before you get up and out of bed as you need to capture the body’s lowest resting temperature.

When the basal body temperature is recorded daily, if there is ovulation, it is considered that ovulation is occurring in the transition phase, showing the low temperature phase and the high temperature phase. It is difficult to accurately predict ovulation, but it is useful for checking the presence or absence of ovulation and guessing the luteinizing function. It also helps to check the cycle and make another inspection implementation plan.

Cervical Mucus Check
Cervical Mucus is secreted by glands found in and around the cervix. The properties change in response to estrogen and progesterone. As the amount of estrogen secretion increase, the amount of cervical mucus increases, the consistency (neuropal) decrease, and turning (elongation ease) increase, and it nourishes and helps transport sperm through the cervix into the uterine. You can predict the ovulation period by examining the nature of the cervical mucus.

Ultrasound Examination
It is the most useful examination to predict ovulation timing and follicle growth, and the thickness of the endometrium etc… and is often done in the treatment stage, besides diagnosis. Make sure that the uterus and ovarian status will be made with the image of the ultrasound from the device called probe. THe probe has a type that is placed in the vagina and the type of stomach, but infertility treatment mainly uses the vaginal. Insert a thin ultrasonic probe with a diameter of 1.5-2cm from a vagina and observe the states the ovary and uterus.

LH Ovulation Test
Luteinizing Hormone is one of the hormones in your urine. It is possible to estimate ovulation by measuring LH excreted in urine by using a “LH surge”.
Ovulation test stripes can be measured at home.
To increase your chances of getting pregnant, you should have sex two days before ovulation occurs. Ovulation occurs 12 to 36 hours after a positive reaction is performed in the examination.