Preparation for Pregnancy (Tips on Nutrition, Timing and Communication)

Are you ready for getting pregnant?

Most women tend to get confused from surroundings with different advice from parents, friends and Internet.

In this event, we aim to be that pillar of support to more women out there.

This time around, we're inviting special guest speaker to share on tips to prepare pregnancy.

We will be covering below:

・Fertility and Food

・How to use basal thermometer

・How to use ovulation test kit

・What is Fertility Coach? What they can support you?


This event is only open to a small group, seats will be allocated on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Speaker Introduction:

Monica Bivas She is an incredibly passionate mom and IVF, Fertility and Life Coach determined to teach others how to “squeeze the sweetness” out of the fertility journey.

She describes her own path to parenthood as a difficult “rollercoaster of emotions” but one which taught her that “perfection is imperfection, and imperfection is beautiful”. Monica’s story includes five rounds of IVF, four pregnancies, and painful loss. She generously shared all of it with us, as well as how the journey was a process of self-discovery that inspired her to help others walking the same path…


1) Introduction of Lumirous 2) Talk from Monica

3) Q&A Session

4) Promotion Code share




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