LUMIROUS support all women and couples who are trying to conceive


We are committed to improving mental health care for those suffer from infertility so that they can feel positive.


We create a world where people can choose whether to give a birth or not, instead of being forced to choose a child-free life because they cannot give birth to a child.

We create a world where people can live a shining life through our services.

Our Leadership

Infertility is a global public health issue. One out of six couples suffers from infertility. By 2025, almost 10 million couples will encounter problems in having a baby.

My friends cried and was upset during her fertility journey and what I could do for her was listen and encourage her. There are many people who are having a hard time as well. We provide the best service and solution for their fertility journey.

Anna was Co-Founder and Managing Director of Trambellir Sdn Bhd, it’s an Online Booking Platform for Medical Tourism. She holds MSc at University of Surrey in Entrepreneurship.