LUMIROUS support all women and couples who are trying to conceive

1st in South East Asia Fertility Coaching

Lumirous Sdn Bhd. (Headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, CEO: Anna Yamauchi, hereinafter referred to as LUMIROUS) today announced that it will launch a full-scale fertility coaching service for couples who have difficulty conceiving naturally, which is said to be one in six couples (*1).
This is the first service of its kind in Southeast Asia, where LUMIROUS is headquartered.

This service will be realized by matching couples who wish to discuss their fertility issues with coaches on the LUMIROUS website. Through the fertility coaches, participants will be able to learn how to eat for conception, when to start fertility treatment, and appropriate fertility treatment.
It is said that the success rate of IVF can be increased by 50% and the cost per couple can be reduced by approximately 3.2 million yen by taking the fertility coaching course. (※2)

LUMIROUS reservation site

Background of Service Provision
It is said that one out of every six couples has infertility problems and one out of four women who have undergone IVF (3) will develop depression to the extent that clinical treatment is required. However, due to the nature of the problem, many couples have no one to talk to or do not know the correct information. (4) 
In addition, as the new coronavirus rages on, more and more couples are hesitant to start their pregnancy activities due to the financial and emotional burden. (*5)

(*5) Mr. Yamauchi, CEO of LUMIROUS, launched this service after experiencing his own miscarriage and realizing the difficulty of finding correct information and appropriate counselors.

LUMIROUS’s Fertility Coach Platform
LUMIROUS has about 40 fertility coaches from 7 countries around the world, and can provide multilingual services in Japanese, English and Chinese. You can choose a coach according to the fertility phase of the course.

Example of coach intervention
Participant’s issue: I want to start my fertility journey, but I don’t know where to start.
Coach’s advice: How to keep and view basal body temperature according to the student’s lifestyle.

Example of Coach’s Intervention (2)
Participant’s Problem: There are many types of fertility treatment and clinics, and I don’t know where to go.
Coach’s advice: Introducing a consultation clinic based on the clinic’s reputation and available treatments.

Example of coach intervention (3)
Participant’s Problem: I don’t know when to proceed from the timing method to artificial insemination.
Coach’s advice: Introduce the next procedure based on the student’s age, financial condition, etc.

Fertility coach introduction
The fertility coaches affiliated with LUMIROUS are gynecologists, midwives, nurses, nutritionists, and clinical psychologists who provide professional knowledge and mental support based on their own experiences with infertility.

Japan: Coach Mizuki Ikenaga
Midwife, nurse, national certification as a public health nurse, first-class license as a school nurse, practical instructor for fertility regulation, certified instructor of St. FlairDNA nutrition, certified instructor of Smart Aroma by Smart Life Association
Working as a fertility coach based on her experience as a midwife and her own experience with gynecological problems

Malaysia: Shino Lim (Coach)
Having experienced IVF herself, she has been working as a fertility advisor since 2016.

USA: Monica Bivas (Coach Monica)
Completed the Wholesome Fertility Program
She has also experienced IVF herself and has been working as a fertility advisor since 2016.

Headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, LUMIROUS is a FemTech startup founded in December 2020. LUMIROUS provides emotional and informational support for various phases of fertility, from preparation to fertility treatment, to support efficient fertility activities. The LUMIROUS Fertility Coach Service, which can be used from anywhere in the world, is planning to focus on expanding its business in Japan, Malaysia and Indonesia. In addition to coaching, LUMIROUS plans to sell fertility preparation test kits and provide education on fertility.