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Should I wait for a month to do embryo transfer?

Jasmin Chua30sFemale
Hi, doctor. I am 35 years old and my husband is 38 years old. My AMH is 4.08. My doctor managed to retrieve 15 eggs from me. I hope to do Day 5 blastocyst implantation and PGS. I was told that my period will come in 10 days' time. Should I go straight for the implantation after my period or should I let my body rest for a month before doing the implantation?

23 May 2022


Answer from the Doctor
I prefer to let my patients rest one menstrual cycle, unless there is a need to go straight into the next cycle. The PGTA results may also take a while to be ready, and won’t be out yet by your next menses.

01 Jun 2022

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