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Miscarriage and PCOS
Good day doctors. I had 2 miscarriage on early pregnancy. First miscarriage at 6 weeks and second at 10 weeks. First pregnancy(May 2021) was after 6 months im ...
There is no right answer in whether your PCOS caused your miscarriage. Maybe the miscarriage rates among PCOS patients are slightly higher due to hormonal abnormalities. To prevent miscarriages, you have to make sure your body is healthy. You can start to take...

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24 Jun 2022
Dryness During Intercourse
May I know how to maintain reproductive health? What can I do if I feel dry during intercourse?
You can try the following ways to maintain your reproductive health. > Taking supplements such as folic acid, vitamin D and iron. These supplements will help to maintain your health. When your body is healthy, your reproductive health will improve as well. >...

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23 Jun 2022
Diet For PCOS Patients
I have PCOS. May I know what are the food to avoid and what are the food I can consume? And is inositol help to overcome PCOS? It is advisable to consume it?
You should avoid the food which has high in sugar content. Avoid sugar intake as much as possible. Reduce the carbohydrates that you take, such as the amount of rice you take. You can also do some form of physical exercises and try to lose 10% of your body wei...

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22 Jun 2022
Why did my IVF cycles always end in failure?
Hi, doctor. I am 39 years old and I have been through 4 cycles of IVF. However, all 4 cycles ended in failure after the embryo transfer. Why is this happening t...
I would recommend you to see a fertility specialist. Bring the detailed records of all your previous IVF and embryo transfer cycles along with you when you are seeing the fertility specialist. He/She will need that to help you with your issue.

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21 Jun 2022
How to increase the success rates of IUI?
Hi, doctor. I have been married for 8 years but still couldn't get pregnant. My husband and I are going for IUI treatment. Is there anything we can do to have a...
Healthy lifestyle, exercises, supplements, enough rest and sleep. Make sure your fallopian tubes and his sperm have been assessed.

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20 Jun 2022
What are the symptoms after egg retrieval?
Hello, doctor. I just had my eggs retrieved last week. But I feel feverish, bloating and stomachache after the retrieval. Is this normal? How long will it last?...
If the symptoms are very mild, then they will most likely dissipate soon. If they worsening, please see your Fertility Specialist for an assessment.

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17 Jun 2022

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