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Irregular Periods Caused by PCOS

Mdm Chan30sFemale
Hi, Doctor, I have PCOS. I had 2 miscarriages in 2020. In 2021, my menses began to be irregular. Sometimes, I have twice menses in a month, sometimes, I had once menses in a few months. Is this normal? Will I be able to have my own child?

20 Oct 2022


Answer from the Doctor
Irregular cycle. If you have two times period a month, or once in a couple of months will reduce your fertility potential. So for patients with PCOS, I'll advice them, to induce your menses, take some progesterone for five days, your periods will come, and then start your fertility treatment like Clomid, letrozole, injection, or UIU. It is better to see a doctor straight away, don't wait much. A lot of patients say, never mind, I think I want to try naturally. But the periods are not coming. and you have irregular cycles. Here, they are not doing for themselves favor, they are doing themselves a bad thing, by trying to wait for something that probably won't happen. So if you have PCOS, straight to the point, you can, you not only can get a baby, but you get babies, okay, many many children. But go and see a doctor and start the treatment straight away.

Don't be so fearful about hormonal drugs. These hormonal medicines are very short ethic, so there is no cumulative effect on your body. So don't worry.

22 Nov 2022

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