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How many embryos should I transfer during my FET?

Doctor, how many embryos do you suggest for the transfer? One or two?

04 Oct 2022


Answer from the Doctor
The number of embryo transfers is actually very individualized. I would have to look at your profile. For example, if you are less than 35 years old, and I transfer 2 embryos during your FET, your chance of pregnancy is high and the chance of you getting a pair of twins is high. Although twins are cute, they are double the joy, but at the same time, they are also double the trouble. The double trouble I am mentioning is not referring to the havoc but the increase of risk associated with multiple pregnancies. They have a higher risk of pre-term delivery and gestational diabetes or hypertension. It will increase the risk for the mother as well as the fetuses. So if you are less than 35 years old, I would recommend you to consider single embryo transfer. If you have had IVF before and two transfers before but not succeeded, I would not insist that you should have only single embryo transfer. For older women, I have a higher tendency to recommend and perform a single embryo transfer. It depends on the woman's profile, if she has any other issues such as high blood pressure or fibroids in the uterus. And if the woman is tiny, I really wouldn't want her to carry twins.

04 Oct 2022

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